Little did we imagine how much our lives were going to change in 2020 because of Covid-19: our way of relating, working and even the way our clients consume. If we add to this the limitation of movements to which we are still subjected today, we cannot ignore the impact that this has had not only for the travel sector, but also for us as travelers.

The traveler Fisgoacute;n, the leading Spanish travel community belonging to Antevenio, has launched itsIII Study of the Spanish traveler that analyzes the profile of the traveler in the new normal.Based on the responses provided by more than 3,000 users during the last week of June 2020, the report reveals that the trips sought by Spaniards this summer will be shorter, safer and with the option of free cancellation.

And it is that,57% of those surveyed admit not having booked their vacations evenwith the summer already started.Therefore, it seems that many decisions are going to be last minute.

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The traveler of the new normal prefers coast

What the traveler of the new normal is clear about is the destination: 53% prefer the coast, compared to 29% who would choose a rural destination and % would prefer the urban one.In fact,the option of national tourism is specified in four very clear coastal destinations: Andalusia, the Canary Islands, the Valencian Community and Galicia.

In the case of young people between and 30 years old, the Balearic Islands would occupy the place of the Canary Islands.Data that are repeated with respect to the previousstudy on trips carried out byEl Viajero Fisgoacute;n and that also reveal a preference for weekend getaways.

Free cancellation and safety and hygiene measures above all

Online booking platforms remain the favorite option for 42% of respondents. However, the factors that motivate them to make their reservations change.The traveler of the new normal places great importance on free cancellation, with 30% of the votes, and safety and hygiene measures, with 26% of the votes . In fact, as the age segment increases, both reserve factors acquire greater importance.

Gone are the price and the ratings of other users as star aspects so far. However, for the youngest the price remains a decisive element . In fact, more than half of young people between -30 years of age plan to spend between euro; 250 and euro; 500, a percentage that doubles in the following age groups.

Skymarketing offers wonderful space propelled lodgings and a powerful social scene at awe inspiring territories like park view city .

Less vacation time and weekend getaways

A very significant fact that for Jon Nicloacute;s, head of content and social networks at El Viajero Fisgoacute;n, reflects ldquo; the current situation, since 86% of those who have participated recognize that they will spend the same vacation time or less than the last year and there is 11% of the population that can only afford some weekend. One week is the option indicated by the majority -53% -, 28% can allow two weeks and 9%, the whole month rdquo;.

Such a short vacation stay requires autonomy when traveling: 54% of those surveyed choose to move by car and with their family -40% -, avoiding the train and plane. These very different holidays will also be reflected in another way in our retina: 25% affirm that they will not share any photos through social networks and those who do, for the most part, will opt for WhatsApp (29%) and Instagram (25 %).

But when thinking about a much less dystopian reality, without limitation of movements, 57% of those surveyed would have chosen abroad to spend a few days these months of July and August , and more than 70%, if we analyze the age range of young people between -30 years old.

Paco Leoacute;n, Rafa Nadal, Antonio Banderas and Blanca Suaacute;rez, favorites . to be confined

But since the present and the threat of possible confinement cannot be forgotten, what better way than to do it in a positive way: With what famous would the traveler of the new normal confine himself? The Top 5 stars Paco Leoacute;n, Rafa Nadal, Antonio Banderas, Blanca Suaacute;rez. and Fernando Simoacute;n. Of course, dreams are dreams.

If you want to know more details of the traveler profile of the new normal, access the complete version of the III Study of the Spanish Traveler of El Viajero Fisgoacute;n.

The profile of the traveler in the new normal according to the III travel study of El Viajero Fisgón

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